"The Sun is Also a Star" by Nicola Yoon - Book Review



Nicola Yoon's "The Sun is Also a Star" is a young adult novel that delves into the role of fate in our lives. It's a beautifully written and engaging story that captures the heart from the first page.

The Story


The novel follows two teenagers, Natasha and Daniel, who meet by chance on a crowded New York City street. Natasha is a science-minded girl, while Daniel is a dreamer who believes in fate and destiny. Despite their differences, they are drawn to each other and spend an unforgettable day together in the city.

Writing Style

Yoon's writing is both poetic and authentic, and she skillfully weaves together the stories of these two characters in a way that feels both effortless and profound. The book is written in alternating perspectives, with each chapter focusing on either Natasha or Daniel. This structure adds depth to the characters and allows the reader to understand their unique perspectives on life and love.

Exploring Fate

One of the novel's most compelling aspects is how Yoon explores the concept of fate. Natasha is a rationalist who believes that science can explain everything, while Daniel is a romantic who sees patterns and signs in the world around him. The tension between these two beliefs is at the heart of the novel, and Yoon expertly navigates this complex topic in a way that feels both insightful and relatable.

Overall Impression

Despite the weighty subject matter, the novel never feels heavy-handed or preachy. Yoon's writing is full of humor and heart, and she creates a cast of secondary characters that are just as engaging and memorable as Natasha and Daniel.


In conclusion, "The Sun is Also a Star" is a must-read novel for anyone who loves a good love story. It's an excellent example of Yoon's talent as a writer and a novel that will make you believe in fate and the power of love. Be sure to check out "The Sun is Also a Star" on gyaanstore.com, where you'll find a wide selection of books to choose from.

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