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Heroes of Olympus : Blood of Olympus By Rick Riordan (Paperback)

Heroes of Olympus : Blood of Olympus By Rick Riordan (Paperback)

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Embark on an electrifying adventure as "The Blood of Olympus," the fifth installment in the bestselling Heroes of Olympus series, plunges you back into the heart-pounding realm of Percy Jackson and his fearless companions.

Despite the valiant efforts of the combined Greek and Roman crew aboard the Argo II, the looming threat of Gaea, the earth mother, remains as daunting as ever. Her colossal giants have risen from their slumber with newfound strength, posing an unparalleled danger to the world. The clock is ticking, and the heroes must thwart Gaea's sinister plan before the impending Feast of Spes, a day she intends to unleash chaos by sacrificing two demigods in Athens. The fate of the world hinges on the demigods preventing this catastrophic event and halting Gaea's awakening, which requires the blood of Olympus itself.

As visions of an impending battle at Camp Half-Blood haunt their minds, the demigods must also confront the imminent threat posed by the Roman legion led by the ruthless Octavian. Amidst the turmoil, a dilemma arises: the Athena Parthenos, a potent artifact, is both a coveted secret weapon and a means to prevent a war between the rival camps. A daring decision is made—while the Athena Parthenos embarks on a journey westward, the Argo II sets its course eastward, towards Athens.

The gods, still grappling with their fractured personalities, are of little assistance, leaving the fate of the world to rest upon the shoulders of a handful of determined young demigods. Against the backdrop of a divided divine pantheon and an army of formidable giants, the heroes must muster their strength, courage, and resourcefulness to confront the looming cataclysm. The stakes have never been higher, and with so much already sacrificed, there can be no turning back. Failure is not an option, for if Gaea awakens, all will be lost.

Renowned author Rick Riordan's captivating storytelling continues to captivate readers worldwide, with a staggering 55 million copies of his books sold to date. "The Blood of Olympus" delivers an explosive, edge-of-your-seat experience that will leave you breathless and yearning for more. Join Percy Jackson, his comrades, and their unyielding determination as they battle the forces of darkness in this riveting tale that has earned its place among the literary pantheon of must-reads.
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Puffin
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 560 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9780141339245
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0141339245
Rick Riordan, heralded as the 'storyteller of the gods' by Publishers Weekly, stands as an iconic figure in the realm of literature. With a trail of literary triumphs, he has crafted five resplendent New York Times number-one bestselling book series that have enthralled readers across the globe. Each series, boasting millions of copies sold, immerses readers in the rich tapestries of ancient mythologies.

From the captivating adventures of Percy Jackson and the heroic sagas of the Heroes of Olympus and the Trials of Apollo, drawing inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology, to the enchanting mysteries of the Kane Chronicles, steeped in Egyptian lore, and the riveting exploits of Magnus Chase, set against the backdrop of Norse mythology, Riordan's pen transports readers to realms brimming with magic and wonder.

Nestled in the historic city of Boston, Rick Riordan resides alongside his cherished wife, Becky, and their two sons. While his quill may rest during his travels, his insatiable curiosity propels him to explore the world, with even the depths of the ocean welcoming his presence through scuba diving ventures. To embark on literary odysseys and delve into the imaginative realms he conjures, curious minds can find solace in visiting or following him on Twitter @RickRiordan.

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